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I will not be posting my recent artwork on other sites anymore. I'm not comfortable doing so, so please dont ask me for any further details. Just accept and respect my decision.

- Too many cases of art theft.
- Ocs were stolen one too many times.

Pretty much it, thats all you need to know.

*Excludes commissioners/giftees

LoveNote Rules

- Make sure to check this list before purchasing/trading a LoveNote. If the owner is not on this list, then you are receiving an unofficial LN and will not be able to access the world, goodies, etc.

:new:-Do not resell your LoveNote for more than its worth! You shouldnt be making a profit off of the design. You will not be able to include the price for commissioned work if you dont have permission from the artist, as this is against the law, if you do so I will not take responsibility. You have been warned! Clearly state the price as well. To avoid any messy situations "offer to adopt ---" will not be allowed for the LN species if it involves money offers.

- I will not be making any transactions with those on my Blacklist. And I definitely will not be interacting, sharing, or offering free art to those on the blacklist. Thank you!

( Just note: If I'm slow with replying to your message, that doesnt mean you're blacklisted, so dont worry. If I have been ignoring your notes or comments consistently, then most likely you are blacklisted.)

- If you plan on reselling, trading, or gifting your LoveNote: NOTE ME FIRST or immediately after if you're a new to owning a LN. The new owner of the traded LN doesnt have to do this, you do. This is incredibly important and if not followed, I will blacklist you.

If you are gifted an adopt or received an adopt via trade you are not allowed to resell it. Sorry if its strict, but it'll help me and you avoid future scams/drama ;;

- Do not edit the ChainItem artwork, whatsoever. The only edit allowed is adding your watermark to keep the artwork safe.

- For the welcome gift (TH), it is only one per person. It doesnt matter if you were given a duplicate, discard it immediately.

:new: - You're free to edit the artwork of the LoveNote for color changes ONLY. However note the following:
o1. The palette can be altered a bit and you can give them an alternate outfit as long as you commission someone or design yourself a new reference for it.

o2. Do not change the type of Lovenote markings (stroked outline, dual color, single color, as well as the notes themselves)

o3. Do not claim my artwork as yours.

o4. Do not shade the artwork, remove any shading or change the expressions. Anything other than minor hair edits and palette changes is a no go. Just draw a reference or commission someone for one. If you have done this before, you're excused, but as of now I'm not allowing such things.

- You're free to make your own items as long as you do not call them KeyItems, LockItems, or ChainItems.

- Do not resell any KeyItems, LockItems, or ChainItems.

- Do not make your LoveNote without markings or with LoveSickness, these types of LNs have particular physical characteristics that are not available yet.

Watermark Everything

Watermark any artwork you receive from me and make sure not to remove my watermarks!
If you dont have a watermark or just too lazy, note me and I'll send you a watermarked version.

I dont know how much I should stress this, but I will continue to do so. The art theft on the net has been ridiculous....

Links for LN Prompt Related Stuff

LoveNote: Prompt Customs ( New ):new: Updates:
- Done with the 1st batch, I will be replying to the forms again! Dont worry if youre not interested anymore, btw. 

I'll be doing these in-between commissions to help shrug off some stress!
Stole the idea from nia and other artists who have done this before.
Prompt "Customs*" are....
* I'm using the word "customs" loosely/lightly, since the terms you jot down in the forms will have to be vague.
... just an easier way for people to snatch up a LoveNote. You will give me a simple order of what youd like and I'll toss a LN your way if the prompt inspires me.
What are LoveNotes?
Basic information What do LoveNotes look like? 
Keepin' It Simple
:new: ● Price: $ 55
● These will be sketches, non-base only. No Keyitems will be provided.
LN Song-Prompt Mystery AdoptsHonestly I have no clue how to title this //WHEEZEs
These will be done after I finish the mystery adopts and will be done between commissions.

o1. This journal is only for watchers who dont have a LoveNote
o2. These will be scribble+mystery adopts, hence why the price has dropped.
o3. You provide me with a link to a song in the comments section and I'll drop a LN into your hands.
Be sure to give this a lot of thought, since your LN will be based on the song you provide me. It has to have vocals unless you intend for your LN not to have the ability to sing.
o4. Not first come, first serve. I will be working with songs that inspire me.
PRICE: $30
*If you received a LN via gift, trade, or resell you cannot participate.


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why you delete all art? ; A ;
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Decided to just post this here for some people's convenience: 
LN Owner List | LN Rules
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i miss your drawings QvQ!
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* leaves lovely hug here ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ ~♪ *
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Do you think you'll make more Mahou-Decos someday? They're so adorable! (~ovo)~
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